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Welcome to the SHEAF/ESPIGA Foundation

The Sheaf/Espiga Foundation is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) legally established in Canada in 2006. It is a registered Canadian charity that fights poverty in Nicaragua.


To assist the poor, the marginalized, the underprivileged and minority groups in Central America in living more meaningful lives by focussing on health issues, educational programs and agricultural programs.
To fulfill its purpose SHEAF/ESPIGA:

- Invites support and participation of donors and volunteers,
- Cooperates with compatible local agencies and organizations that have like-minded goals.

The SHEAF/ESPIGA Foundation affirms the concept of integrated development. Specific activities undertaken in a community must fit together to promote consciousness-raising, self-respect and transformation of the individuals.

The officers of SHEAF/ESPIGA are dedicated to a holistic model of development that recognizes the need to integrate work, education and spiritual development. The officers have all enjoyed extensive work in pastoral ministry, education, social work and/or administration. Please follow this link to read more about the officers.

Salud (Health);
Educación (Education);
Agricultura (Agriculture);
Fundacion (Foundation)
(SHEAF/ESPIGA)     (ESPIGA is Spanish for SHEAF)

SHEAF/ESPIGA projects are in place in Nicaragua and they will gradually expand to other countries in Central America.